There are luxury homes in Solana Beach, the coastal town full of working class families, that at first glance won’t seem so luxurious. It’s interesting. Once you hit the curb of these, believe it or not, fantastic homes you’ll probably be asking yourself, “This is worth how much?” Trust me, step inside these homes and prepare to have your mind blown. See, in Solana Beach people aren’t flashy. People here aren’t trying to shove it down everyone’s throat how rich they are, how glamorous their lifestyle is. Those with the money to enjoy this way of living are simply trying to keep a low profile and enjoy the good vibes that come with living in Solana Beach.

Buying a luxury home in Solana Beach used to be a complicated process. I’m not talking about the actual buying itself, putting down the deposit, securing the loan, etc. I’m talking about the most important process. The negotiating the price of these homes. Yes, of course the price tags for luxury estates anywhere is what it is, but just because that tag has a number on it doesn’t mean it’s correct. Imagine if you could peek behind the curtain and see what that home is actually worth. Imagine if you could know what other home buyers are offering for the house. That way, you’d be able to determine how much the property is truly worth, thus insuring you’re not paying too much. If you know anything about buying a home you know that this sounds like a fantasy. Well, not anymore.


With you do get all of the above. makes buying a Solana Beach luxury estate easier than ever before. Not only that but but you get to set the maximum price you’re willing to pay and also the minimum. You’re alerted when those numbers are reached. You have the options, the know how, the tools that the professionals have and you alone hold the cards to make your dream home become a reality.

Solana Beach is a great little town with hidden luxury. Well, OpenOffer doesn’t keep secrets, it shares them.

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