Carmel Valley short sales are often condos. It seems that before the market crashed in 2008 people buying in this area were betting heavy on the then pricey townhouse market. Why not? It was a party back then. We all had money. We all invested in real estate. I’m sure there were even people out there who were collecting condos like they were baseball cards, back then. Unfortunately for them, the housing bubble burst, the economy slumped and their overpriced condos went upside down.

Now, if you know your short sales you might think that buying a Carmel Valley short sale is going to be a headache. Especially if you’re aware of how long buying a property like this can take. Generally when you’re buying a short sale you’re not even aware it’s a short sale until your real estate agent informs you. And by then you’ve already fallen in love with the place. Which makes sense. Most short sales are kept up really nice. They are, after all, the gems of what was once a thriving housing market. So once you find out you’re faced with a choice. And that choice is a simple one. Do you have the time and the money and the patience to get into a short sale?

TIME. Buying a Short Sale can be a very time consuming. Often the homes are put on the market for a low price to attract buyers. Usually the price is so low that a load of buyers start bidding. It can take a lot of time to sort all of this out and there’s no guaruntee you’re going to get it.


MONEY. Like I said these Carmel Valley short sales are going to be listed at a lower price to attract you. However, like a cute girl at a bar, yo’re going to have to woo this home owner. What you thought you were going to pay is never going to be what you end up paying.

PATIENCE. Finally, as you can imagine people lose their patience with these short sales. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s no need. Not with With you can let them do the negotiating for you. Set your limits (both minimum and maximum) and just sit back and wait. With all you need is time when it comes to Shot Sales in Carmel Valley.

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