The best part about buying a condo in Cardiff by the Sea (known as Cardiff by locals, don’t embarrass yourself) is that you get to join a great community at a great price. Everyone knows what a condo is. It’s somewhere between an apartment and a house. Which means that the price is somewhere between overly expensive and dirt cheap. Now, if you’re looking to enter into this kind of living experience you need to ask yourself a couple of things. Things that matter when you decide to live in a condominium.

First off, have you ever owned a home before? If not, a Cardiff by the Sea townhouse may be perfect for you. I say that because if you’re coming from an apartment situation than this is essentially the next step up. You’re already used to sharing walls, which is something you have to do in apartment complexes. You’re already prepared for the close knit community that comes with living in a an apartment. Best of all the average condo is ┬ámuch larger than the average apartment so it’s a total upgrade.

Second, if you’re coming from a dorm situation than Cardiff by the sea condos can be the perfect place to buy. Dorms aren’t apartments. They’re a zoo. Which isn’t exactly the best environment to breed responsible home owners. Let’s be real here. Your neighbors at these townhouse communities aren’t exactly going to be OK with late night parties and loud music. Well, for the most part. However, not everyone coming out of the dorm is a party animal. If you’re someone who’s ready to straight from college to adult life, than condos are a great place to start.


Lastly, if you’re an older home owner, who say, just sold a much larger single family home, then buying a townhouse in Cardiff by the Sea may be the answer for you. Older home owners can often find it increasingly difficult to manage the upkeep on thier homes so they sell and look for something smaller and easier to take care of. Condos are often the answer. Not only that, but older home buyers can find the benefits of having closer neighbors as well. It’s always nice to have someone nearby in case you need help with anything.

Cardiff by the Sea condos really are for everyone. Everyone looking for a great deal in a great town, that is.

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