Encinitas single family homes are some of the nicest single family homes in one of the nicest towns in America, much less Southern California. I can’t stress to you more how much you should consider Encinitas to either be your new home or your continued place of residence. If I could, I would post up in this quaint little town in a quaint little craftsman home and spend the rest of my days in quiet ease and comfort. Alas, I am not so lucky. Family and career decisions keep my in the hustle bustle of Los Angeles. So, if you’re one of the lucky home buyers looking to purchase in Encinitas, let me say that I am quite simply jealous of you.

Not just because buying a home in Encinitas means you get to enjoy all of the best features this coastal town offers; things like The Annual Fall festival, The Wavecrest Woodie Meet and the annual Oktoberfest, to name a few. No, I’m jealous because now, more than ever, it’s easier to buy in Encinitas. Not just for those who enjoy the luxuries of Encinitas already and have an understanding of the market, but for everyone. And here’s why.

imgres-1 makes buying an Encinitas single family home as easy as trading stocks on Etrade or buying a book on Ebay. This tool gives you the inside track on not only what a home is truly worth, but what other people are offering for it. It allows you to hold all of the tools the professionals hold and teaches you how to make informed decisions. But here’s the best part. takes the tedious and often grueling negotiation process off your shoulders.

One thing a lot of people don’t understand is that it’s not so easy to buy a home. It’s not as simple as “I love this place! Let’s sing on the dotted line!” No. Most often you the buyer are kept in the dark. Now, and especially in the cases of Short Sales and Foreclosures, you really have no idea what you’re paying for and get zero clue about what others may be offering. No longer. bridges those gaps and illuminates those dark negotiating rooms.

Isn’t it time you logged onto today?

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