Selling a luxury estate in Del Mar shouldn’t be hard. Especially in a time where those who can afford the luxuries are doing better than ever. God bless the Bush tax cuts, am I right? But sometimes home owners rely too heavily on the fact that their homes are some of the nicest in this or any other country. They assume that just because their property is gorgeous people are going to go “ga-ga” over it. And some will, but how do you know those people are going to pay top dollar for it? That’s where anyone in any market can use two helpful hints.

1) CLUTTER: Now just because your luxury home in Del Mar is full of luxury furniture and expensive accoutrement doesn’t mean that the home buyers visiting your home want to see it. When bringing someone into your home you need to put yourself in their shoes. If they see your home, full of your belongings, it only makes it more difficult for them to see THEIR own belongings in the space. Tip Number One is to “unclutter your home”. ┬áPaint the picture for your buyers to put themselves into.


2) RENOVATE: Don’t be afraid to put minimal dollars into minimal renovations in order to gain a maximum price for your home. So many times when people are ready to sell and move into a new property they want to simply leave that past behind and start anew. Well, I’m telling you that you’re leaving money on the table. 9 out of 10 times a simple renovation can increase the price of your home and take that money from the table and put it right in your pocket. Tip Number Two is “renovate your Del Mar luxury estate before you relocate”.

Following these two tips are the beginning of getting the best out of your valuable home. And by using you can control the entire process and be fully aware of buyers are offering like never before. This is the time. This is the way. If you’re ready to leave the lap of luxury that exists in the amazing city of Del Mar for (somehow) greener pastures, then you better make sure you get the most from your real estate investment. With you will.

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