Buying a Cardiff by the Sea townhouse can give you a lot for your money. Some would say it’s even better than buying a single family home or even a luxury estate. Now, while I’m not of the mind that living in a condo community tops owning your own dream home, I have to say that I do agree the immense value that these properties give you. Especially if you’re a new home buyer or an older buyer looking for a little less maintenance in a home.

Cardiff by the Sea condos have all of the same unique aspects that single family homes have. For one, they’re in Cardiff by the Sea. Which, let’s face it, is better than most places. Cardiff by the Sea, or Cardiff as it’s called by local, is a beach community. Not just that, but it’s a quaint beach community. Which something you don’t normally find on the west coast. There’s something about this little town, which actually a part of Encinitas in San Diego County, reminds one of the North East Coastal burgs like Cape Cod or the Hamptons. It’s the gentle way with which the people in Cardiff live, treat their surrounding s and respect their neighbors.


If you’re young that may sound a little off-putting. Certainly if you’re the kind of home buyer who’s looking to tear up the night fantastic wherever it is they do a purchase their next home. Well, like I said before, Cardiff by the Sea is part of the much larger town of Encinitas, which has plenty of nightlife, bars and dance clubs for you. So, if you’re not quite ready to retire and want to get the most of your twenties or thirties then buying a Cardiff by the Sea Townhouse is right up your alley.

Unlike the younger home buyer, it’s safe to assume that older buyer is looking for some peace and quiet, a home that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and some nearby neighbors in case any help is needed. Which is exactly why this option is perfect for you. If you’re looking to make your move into a condo today then Cardiff by the Sea should be your first place to look. And is the only place to help you get the lowest possible price.

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