Buy land, AJ, because God ain’t makin’ anymore of it.”Real Estate Investment

Who can forget Tony Soprano’s famous advice on real estate speculation to his very bored and confused son, Anthony Junior? The TV mob boss’ sentiment is one you hear echoed in every corner of the housing market. Invest in property. Property is the safest investment there is. Manhattan real estate prices always go up.

Well, anyone who got burned when the housing bubble burst can tell you that these maxims aren’t exactly true. Like any investment, real estate investments come with an element of risk. But it is exactly that element of risk that makes it possible to get a return on your investment. Large amounts of foreclosures and depressed housing prices have left many American homeowners in ruins, but they’ve also brought housing prices down to new lows that present fertile ground for investment. The time has never been better to buy up real estate and secure your economic future. So stop wasting time. Housing prices are already beginning to turn around in certain prime investment sectors. Set aside these five common excuses for avoiding real estate investment.

It’s too expensive

Wrong. Property has never been cheaper. If you think of your purchase as an investment then all the costs associated with actually acquiring the property don’t seem so daunting. With a little foresight you’ll realize that’s it’s actually too expensive NOT to invest in real estate.

I don’t want to move

You don’t have to live in your investment property. Rent it out to offset your new mortgage payment or simply do some renovations and make a quick flip when the market comes around.

I just lost my retirement

401(k)s and pension plans suffered in this recession almost as badly as the housing market, but that’s no reason to avoid real estate investment. Turn a few investment properties into your new retirement plan.

I don’t want to get burned

With a little research you won’t. Try investing in preforeclosures. Or purchase properties that are listed well below their market value. Always invest in markets with good fundamentals and you’re almost certain to see some return on your investment

I’ll do it next year

But next year the housing market might have already recovered! You’ll miss out on thousands of dollars of return. Strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on this market downturn.

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