There are certain places that don’t feel like they are part of the continental United States. Places like Sedona, AZ, Springfield, MA, Austin, TX, just have their own vibe. Cardiff by the Sea is just such a place. To be honest, until recently I couldn’t imagine buying a home in Cardiff by the Sea. I say that because I’ve never lived in a place that felt like a permanent vacation. I’ve always lived in a big ugly city like New York or Los Angeles. Places that prize the fast paced city life over the slow laid back “let life come to you” approach that Cardiff by the Sea has. I’m beginngin to think it’s time for a change. A BIG one.

The single family houses in Cardiff by the Sea aren’t your average modern builds. There are almost ZERO cookie cutter communities here. Which means that every home was built, no crafted, by hands that actually cared about what they were building. And you can feel it in every inch of these amazing homes.

What is most amazing about these homes though is where they are. This town just can’t be more unique. The views, even from the single family homes in Cardiff by the Sea, are some of the most breath taking you’ll see anywhere. The community embraces the nature around it and loves to incorporate it’s new neighbors. People who live in Cardiff are open, liberal and artistic. They love to share and share alike and most importantly they know how to respect your privacy.


Anyone can buy in Cardiff. From Luxury Homes to condos and everything in between Cardiff by the Sea homes are all over the market spectrum. For your money, in my opinion, I would look at the mid range homes first. You’ll be surprised what the homes in that price range have to offer. And speaking of “offer” once you’re ready to make one can make the process easy as can be.

So take the time to make a trip to Cardiff by the Sea. This home hunting exhibition just might be the relaxing vacation you didn’t even know you needed.

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