Dream homes. We all have one. Heck, some of us even have more than one. I knew a girl when I was a kid who had a different “Dream Home” for every month. Imagine that? It’s kind of silly, I know, but what if you actually were able to buy a luxury home? By definition a “Luxury Home” or “Dream Home” costs two million dollars or more. And in this economy, for the right person, maybe you, that’s not all that much. So let’s say that you want to buy a Luxury Home. Have you thought about where? Let me help you.

Buying a luxury home in Rancho Santa Fe makes perfect sense. Why? Let me explain! If you want to buy a home that gives you all the best a Dream Home has to offer, location is key. There should be a list, even, of items you should check off. And if the place where you’re buying a Luxury Homes does not have ALL of those items, you should look elsewhere. So, let’s check that list.

1) If you’re spending a lot on a home, you better be getting a lot of land to surround that home. If not you’ve just bought a giant box to live. Well, luxury houses in Rancho Santa Fe have some of the largest, most extravagant plots of land I’ve ever seen. Manicured lawns, rolling hills and adult trees on almost every lot. So, that’s one CHECK, wouldn’t you say?


2) Privacy is key when buying a Dream Home. Well, the dream homes in Rancho Santa Fe really couldn’t be more private. Most of the homes themselves are off set form the curb, with either large gates separating you from the curb or giant trees keeping prying eyes off of you and yours, these homes will feel like your very own little private resort.

3) Views from a Luxury Home need to be spectacular. I mean, have you even seen Rancho Santa Fe? Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Homes have some of the best views in all of Southern California and that’s saying something. If you don’t know, SoCal is FULL of beauty.

So now you just have to ask yourself one thing. Isn’t it time you let negotiate your Dream Home?

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