Foreclosures in Encinitas are nice. Nicer than you might think. Some would say they’re too nice for what you’re paying for them. And they might be right. But if they are, isn’t that a good thing? The best part of being in the foreclosure buying business is that the mistakes made by other party, whether it was the bank giving a ZERO collateral loan or the home owner simply unable to continue paying their mortgage, were not yours. You didn’t force the lending agent to make a bad loan. You’re not responsible for taking someone’s home away. Really what you are is someone who’s trying to keep communities thriving, when you think about it.

Encinitas is a beach town in Southern California. Which means that there are lots of beach houses. Which means that there are some beach house foreclosures in Encinitas. Now if that doesn’t sound like music to your ears I don’t know what would. The holy grail of real estate is water front property. And we’re not talking about a lake in some poor dunk town in the boonies. No, we’re talking about the Pacific Ocean here. Imagine waking up everyday to that in your backyard. Or front yard. Whichever way you want to face.


If you ask me, we’re getting to a point where foreclosures short sales and REO properties in general are ceasing to exist. Well, they’ll never cease to exist, but they’re not in great supply the way they used to be. So if someone, perhaps you, is looking to get in on a great deal, then that someone (you) might want to consider getting into the foreclosure business. Now that may seem like a lot of work, but what you need to understand is how can make buying a foreclosure as easy as can be.

See with you don’t have to deal with the bank. Nope, leave the negotiating to them. All you have to do is set your prices and OpenOffer will make the offers for you. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the ideal price to come in and purchase your home. It’s that easy.

Encinitas is a great place to live. If you can get a home in this beach town for a great price you’d be doing yourself a favor. Make the move to Encinitas. Say goodbye to the rat race and hello to your new home.

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