Carmel Valley single family homes for sale are in one of the nicest neighborhoods in America. Usually when one thinks about Carmel Valley you can’t help but think, “Well, that’s an arm and a leg I can’t afford.” OK, maybe you don’t actually think that, but I do. Well, I recently had the pleasure of gaining a broader understanding of the market in Carmel Valley and I can assure you there’s more to Carmel than meets the very rich eye.

There are places, beautiful homes that you can afford. Buying a home in Carmel Valley isn’t just for those with deeper pockets than Mitt Romney. And Carmel Valley is the perfect place to raise a family. It has some of the best schools in the nation and is one of the nicest communities as well. In both curb appeal and general appeal the streets of carmel Valley are… appealing, I guess.

One of the nicest things about the homes available in Carmel Valley for me is the yard space. It’s a slightly older neighborhood so the plots are larger. They were made for families that liked to do things like, you know, enjoy the sunlight. Not hide away indoors on their iPads, playing video games and watching reality TV. Not that there’s anything wrong with spending your time that way, but there is. There is something very wrong with it. But how can you blame anyone for wasting away their lives in such a way when they never had these gorgeous yards to enjoy?


There are newer houses for sale in Carmel Valley as well. If you’re looking for the oh so coveted “open floor plan” and aren’t willing to take down a couple of walls to get it, then these homes are perfect for you. Some of them even have basements which is rare in California. With wood flooring, finished basements and garages, these homes are defintely maxed out in the value department even if they lack in the unique department.

Carmel Valley is going now and has always been a great place to buy. Now more so than ever before. Let start negotiating your move to one of the best neighborhoods in the country.

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