I get why people are turned off by condos. if you’ve lived in a place where you had to share walls like an apartment, a dorm, your childhood bedroom, the last thing you want to do is be an adult who is doing the exact same thing. We’re American’s darn it! We want our own home, our own yard, our own dang walls! Well, the Cardiff by the Sea Condos for sale I’m about to tell you about may redefine your idea of what a condo really is.

I have one word to say to you about the condos in Cardiff by the Sea. Yards. Almost all of the condos for sale in Cardiff by the Sea have spacious, open, private yards. Here’s another word. Private. While some of the homes DO share a wall or two, you’d be shocked to discover how secluded you feel. These homes are built to make modern home buyers feel, well… at home. And lastly, one more word. Views. It’s Cardiff by the Seas main export, actually. the views in Cardiff can pretty much floor you. And you can get plenty of eye candy from the balcony of your brand new condo.


Here’s another word. The last one, I promise. Price. As in, “The price of the condos in Cardiff by the Sea are pretty low for what you get so you really should consider buying a condo even though you may have to share some walls.” You know, that kind of price. OK, we all know that condos are cheaper. We all know the value of these amazing little Home-Partments (a word I made up because condos are like a house AND an apartment.) But a lower price isn’t the only thing that comes with living in a condo community.

Maintenance is one of the biggest pains in the wallet. Once you buy a home you’re constantly on the upkeep, chasing your tail, patching holes, making trips to Home Depot, hiring those lovely gentleman that stand outside of Home Depot to do all of the hard work. Well, with a condo, you’ve got someone on site to help with all of that stuff. It’s like your own personal “guy outside of Home Depot” who’s always on call. Plus, there are grounds that have amenities like pools, tennis courts and cool neighbors you can mingle with, date, or even spy on. That’s always fun!

Condos for sale in Cardiff by the Sea are a true adventure for the right home buyer. Let help you make that decision.

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