I’m imparting my vast knowledge on the Del Mar Foreclosure Market. So, allow me to say first, you’re welcome. Now lets get started.

Foreclosures used to be a naughty word. Especially for home buyers going through one. Once the Bush administration had deregulated the markets and made it legal to sell home mortgages to other entities, the dam broke and banks and other lenders were giving out home loans like they were bite size candies on Halloween. That is to say, they were practically giving them away for free. Not only that, but in many cases they were giving these loans without collateral, with ZERO credit checks and ZERO faith that the loan would in fact be paid back. Now, ask yourself, what do you think happened because of that? Well, if you’re smart at all you’ll know that the real estate market in Del Mar was soon flush with foreclosures.


Buying a foreclosure in Del Mar, or any other similar town that was booming before the stock market crashed and housing bubble burst, used to be, like I said, a sticky proposition. Well now that foreclosures have become as common place as Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland, banks are beginning to understand that instead of lording over home buyers and staying illusive, it’s better to get these homes back in the market sooner rather than later. However, that doesn’t make the negotiating process any easier.

That’s where a website like comes into play. With OpenOffer you’ve got someone on your side guiding you and giving you all of the insider information that buyers like you didn’t have even one year ago. That’s right, not only will you be fully aware of how much the house you’re trying to buy from the bank is worth, but you’ll know what others are offering and be able to contorl how much you want to offer, when it’s time to offer and when it’s time to back off. Best part of all, even does all of this for you. All you really have to do is sit back and wait for the right opportunity to buy.

Del Mar really is a special place. Buying a foreclosure in Del Mar is even more special. With some of the newest built foreclosures on the market and willing banks ready to part with the parties, there has never been a better time to buy.

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