Believe it or not there is such a thing as Luxury Foreclosures for sale in Racnho Santa Fe. Foreclosures can be a tricky business. They’re not exactly Short Sales. They’ve still retained their value and haven’t gone belly up. Yet. And seeing as their “luxury” there is a good chance they won’t. However that doesn’t mean you can’t get them for less of a “luxury” price.

Finding these REO dream homes in Rancho Santa Fe isn’t too hard. You’ll usually find them near water or high in the hills. Just look for the house that doesn’t look like a house. You know, they usually look like private wild life preserves. See, here in Rancho Santa Fe the luxury homes, even the luxury foreclosures, are that big. Really. They’re pretty huge.

Now the tricky part when dealing with a foreclosure, ANY foreclosure, is the negotiating. I say “tricky” because you’re not dealing with a person. You’re not dealing with an agent. You’re dealing with a bank. And let tell you, dealing directly with a bank is either going to be one of two thing; tedious, aggravating or both. Well, that’s where comes in. With the negotiating process is easier than logging into your personal email. Assuming you know how to do that, of course.

Allow me to explain. is especially helpful when it comes to foreclosures. With OpenOffer you control the most important aspect of the real estate game. You are suddenly given the inside track, the very “top secret” information that only real estate agents and lenders have. Imagine knowing exactly what the house you’re trying to buy is not only worth, but what others are offering for it. Now if that sounds intriguing try imagine stepping out of the process altogether.


Negotiation. Let’s face it. Not many of us are good at it. Especially when it’s negotiating with a bank. I mean, these people are trained negotiators. What are we? We’re just people looking for a dream home! We don’t know how much to offer, when to offer, how much to offer when. Well, with you do. You set your maximum price. You set your minimum price. Once your house, or bank in this case, reaches the desired amount, you make an offer. It’s that simple.

So, isn’t it time you found your perfect luxury foreclosure in a gorgeous hill region like Rancho Santa Fe? Log onto and find out.

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