Homes for sale in Encinitas are more than just great builds in a great part of California. They’re your ticket into a fantastic, artistic, liberal and creative community. There are more artists and more artistic forms of expression in Encinitas than in any other part of the Golden State. Well, Los Angeles is pretty artistic, I guess. That is where Hollywood is, after all. But if you think about it, are they really that artistic? How hard is it coming up with yet another superhero film? But I digress!

Encinitas is one of my favorite beach towns in California. Approximately 100 miles South of Los Angeles and just North of San Diego there must be something in the water. It almost feels like Encinitas is where the real artists go. Which makes sense why the homes here are A) Affordable and B) Unique. One of the best parts about Encinitas real estate is that uniqueness. You’re very rarely ever going to find a more original place to hang your hat than this eclectic beach front community.

If you ask me the best places for younger buyers and even older buyers to look are the condominiums for sale in Encinitas. These condo communities are less expensive than the single family homes, which means they’re often slightly more removed from the beach lifestyle, but what they do offer is a plethora of other amenities. Security, well manicured grounds, modern builds and recreation are a staple of the condo lifestyle in Encinitas. You can make a home for yourself, have all of hte privacy you need and still feel like you’re surrounded by a great group of neighbors. Which is exactly what some buyers are looking for.


Foreclosures in Encinitas are few and far between but they do exist. And is more than happy to “open” the negotiating process. Let them handle all of the back and forth. Set your limits both minimum and maximum and stay clear of the headaches this kind of thing can give you. These REO homes are gorgeous. You’ll certainly feel like you can put your own stamp on them as most of them need a bit of renovation. That’s what you get for the amazing price you’ll be paying for these houses.

Like I said, from the people, to the streets, to even the homes, Encinitas is for the creative minded home buyer. Are you ready to put your stamp on your new home?

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