Luxury homes for sale in Del Mar, California have been called “Zen Palaces”. For the most part the nicest homes in this affluent beach community are on the sand, not far from the ocean, staring into the western sky. And so are the lucky home owners who reside in these lavish estates. So I guess it’s not hard to imagine these homes as just that; palaces full of Zen.

Surfing is a big part of Del Mar. Almost everyone does it. From the young to the old to the mellow, to the harsh, everyone at least owns a board. I suppose it would be like living in Greenbay, WI and not owning a Cheesehead Hat or a Packers jersey. You just have to. It’s how things are done out here. This kind of lifestyle, the surfing lifestyle, is one that attracts a wide array of individuals. these people are among the richest most wealthiest residents to the poorest most “zen”. It’s nice to know that no matter what, whether you’re buying a luxury estate in Del Mar or whether you’re just looking to park your VW van/Motor Home somewhere quiet, you’re going to have some middle ground with whomever you come across.


Single family homes in Del Mar are just as lovely as the luxury homes if not considerably smaller. It’s not hard to find an affordable home in Del Mar, you’ll just have to sacrifice the peace and quiet of the beach front property. Which lets face it, is exactly what some people are trying to do. It’s not as if the city limits of Del Mar are any less “zen” then the beaches. Not at all. People who live in the city of Del Mar are more than happy to not live right on the beach. Besides there’s plenty to do outside of beach volleyball, beach picnics and making sand castles. ┬áDel Mar has a fairly lively bar scene and nightlife to explore as well.

Del Mar is ready for you. The only thing you need to do is ask yourself if you’re ready for Del Mar. If you’d like to know if it’s time to take that plunge then maybe it’s best you let negotiate the price of your perfect home. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and some might even find it easier than that.

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