Ramona real estate is full of almost every kind of homes you can imagine. It’s one of the richest places in all of San Diego County. Rich in history that is. In fact, it’s the first place in recorded history where Europeans and indigenous peoples. Of course it was a slaughter of a nomadic tribe that used the area as a home between their inland and coastal tribes, but how often do these interactions end up going well? But don’t worry, the only thing that’s haunting Ramona are great savings!

Sorry, a little humor there. The best feature of the Ramona real estate market is the number of available homes. The single family houses for sale in Ramona are in great abundance. They are older builds bursting with character, but a majority of them are newly renovated. In fact, it’s rare that you find a home in Ramona that’s not turn key with great curb appeal. Ramona home owners pride themselves on their towns appearance.

Condos for sale in Ramona are are available for those who are looking to buy, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a new home. These condos are exactly what you want in community housing. It’s not hard to get to know your neighbors here in Ramona condos. The close knit feel makes people feel right at home. It’s a good place to live for older residents who need to know that they’re always nearby a helpful neighbor.


What might surprise you are the number of luxury homes for sale in Ramona. These dream homes are vast and surrounded by acres and acres of land. They offer privacy for the home buyer who’s not interested in knowing their neighbors business. is ready to start negotiating your dream price for one of these dream homes. All you need to do is set up a FREE account to get started.

The history in Ramona is really just beginning. It’s a town that’s bound to build and continue to grow. It’s a small town with a big heart and it’s ready to accept new members into the fold. If you’re looking for a more quiet way of life, consider Ramona the best to start your search.

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