Hillcrest Real Estate is not cheap. The homes in Hillcrest are some of the nicest in all of the city of San Diego. It’s an area that has gone through a transformation of late. In the last 15 years it has gone from an older, more run down neighborhood to one of the most thriving places in, not just San Diego, but all of Southern California. So you can understand why the prices are a little higher than some other nearby areas. However, what you get for your money in Hillcrest is worth far more than what you’ll find in almost any other neighborhood.

Single family homes for sale in Hillcrest are older builds. However, the variety of available houses can’t be beat. From fixer uppers to turn key new renovations Hillcrest is full of wonders for the adventurous home buyer. That’s what really stands out when you step foot in Hillcrest. That and the feel of the neighborhood. There is an energy on the street. Residents are almost giddy with excitement as they go from point A to point B. And why shouldn’t they be, it’s the residents alone who have turned this area around.

What really stands out to me though are the available condominiums for sale in Hillcrest. In fact, if you’re looking for a good deal this is most likely where you’re going to find it. With prices ranging from the mid $200,000 to upwards of the mid $600,000 the condo market here is flourishing. The condos are also unique. Not only are they built well and designed with an original flourish, but you’re more likely to find a free standing condo here without shared walls than a lot of places. So what you’re buying is more of a smaller house than a condominium.


Foreclosures available in Hillcrest run the gambit as well. These bank owned properties range from needing renovations to newly remodeled. Almost all need a little work though. If you’re looking for a chance to really save some money and don’t mind working with a bank to get your ideal price, these are the homes for you.

One word describes Hillcrest. It’s pride. As evidenced in the annual Pride Block Party. If you’re ready to feel proud about where you live then maybe it’s time to let to negotiate you’re perfect price for a Hillcrest home.

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