When buying a home in Clairemont you begin to recognize a trend. At first glance the the neighborhood, which is located in North San Diego City, seems to be just like any other suburb. Well, that’s when you realize you’re wrong. Clairemont happens to be one of the most eclectic areas in San Diego when it comes to architecture, location and even city planning.

The houses for sale in Clairemont are not placed on your standard grid. No. Instead the homes and neighborhoods and streets ebb and flow with the natural landscape around them. The majority of the houses were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Back then builders were much more open to working with the home buyer. Most of the floor plans in these homes are unique unto themselves. They’re all like works of art when you think about it. Not a one is like another. So if you’re looking for an original house to hang your hat in, then you need look no further.

While the single family homes in Clairemont are all little snowflakes, you might still want to purchase something more affordable. I’d like to suggest looking into the Condos for sale in Clairemont. These Condominium communities have the same unique feel as the other homes built in the area, they’re just simply cheaper. Not to mention that when you live in a condo your neighbors are never too far away. This is perfect for older buyers or even younger buyers who like a social sort of lifestyle.

Like most neighborhoods in the city you can also find foreclosures in Clairemont. That way you can purchase an ultra-cheap home. Often times these houses need some TLC. Which you’ll have plenty of money for when purchasing a REO home. Home buyers who are into the foreclosure market are able to move in, renovate a home and either enjoy it or sell it quickly.

Raising a family here in Clairemont just makes sense. There are a myriad of elementary schools and junior highs and two different high schools. From progressive schooling to standard public schooling your child will get everything they need out of their Clairemont education. There are also two canyons in the area that the residents protected from development. The San Clemente Canyon and The Tecolote Canyon are fantastic for hiking!

So hike on over to Clairemont. You’ll be happy you did.

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