Buying a home in Cardiff by the Sea might have some folks confused. They may ask, “Where is Cardiff by the Sea?” “Is it in Europe?” “It that in Africa?” And we can understand that. We definitely can. It’s not exactly a typical name for an American town. But it is. Cardiff by the Sea is in California. In San Diego County to be exact. And it’s anything but typical.

The “luxurious” and “surfing community” don’t normally go together. In fact, luxurious areas tend to fend off those who would ride the waves form their beachfront communities. Well, not here in Cardiff by the Sea. Here the beach life is celebrated by everyone. Even the wealthy who can afford the dream homes in Cardiff (as it’s called by the locals.)

The Cardiff Reef is one of the best places to surf up and down the Pacific coast. And it has been for some time. Cardiff attracts the elite athletes in the sport. They come, not just for the challenge of the reef, but also for the beautiful scenery, laid back lifestyle and all around good vibes of the area. There’s a noticeable difference once you get here. You’re blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and suddenly you have all the time in the world to do everything it is you need to do.


The homes for sale in Cardiff by the Sea are just as fantastic as the views. Single family homes in the area are affordable and enticing and can have you bidding on them immediately. If you’re interested in raising a family here you’ll be happy to know that Cardiff is part of the Encinitas Union School District. One of the best school districts in the country.

Condominiums for sale in Cardiff by the Sea can wet one’s appetite as well. There you’ll not only save some money, but you’ll feel like you’re instantly a part of the fabric of the community. Friendly neighbors and security are in great abundance in theCardiff Condo market. can help you suss out the perfect house for you and yours and you can get to work living easy. Cardiff by the Sea is technically in America. But it may as well be in Heaven.

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