The beauty of the buying a home in Lakeside is in the name. Lakeside. It kind of says it all, no? If you’ve never sat on a deck that overlooked a sleepy lake then you may not know what I’m talking about. Allow me to assure you, it’s glorious. Simply glorious. However, not every home in Lakeside is… well, lakeside. And that’s great news for the home buyer who’s not ready to spend an arm and a leg for a waterfront home.

When you first arrive in Lakeside you may think you’ve stepped foot on a resort. And technically you’d be right. At the turn of the 2oth century Lakeside was indeed a resort town. It was centered around the race course at Lindo Lake and was once home to the famous Lakeside Hotel, a health destination for those willing to make the day long trip by horse buggy. I think it’s easy to imagine needing some rest and relaxation after getting off of one those bouncing wooden boxes, don’t you think?


You could say that Lakeside is built on a foundation of peace and quiet. Every little corner of this small “cowboy town”, where almost everyone owns a horse, is testament to that fact. The homes to buy in Lakeside aren’t pricey, though. In fact, Lakeside real estate is one of the more affordable in all of San Diego County. The houses here are more modern than you’d think as well. Most of them are ranch style, wide open and full of todays most coveted amenities.

If home buying isn’t your thing, but you still want to enjoy Lakeside at a cheaper price, you can join the slew of people who are buying condos in Lakeside. There are plenty of condominiums available here, which is surprising for such a small town. Seems someone had their eye on making this former resort available for all price ranges.

If you’re really looking for a deal you can also find foreclosures in Lakeside. There aren’t many, but can have you bidding on the few left in mere minutes. That way you can get a cheap price and turn a fixer upper into your very own dream home.

Lakeside is a warm community with plenty of places to buy. If you’re ready for the resort life without the resort pay, perhaps it’s time you considered throwing your cares aside and making your move.

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