Real estate in Scripps Ranch is technically part of the city of San Diego, but don’t tell the residents that already live here. You’ll understand once you’re here in Scripps, but for now just keep the truth to yourself. There’s a feel here that screams “Any Town USA”. With plenty of shopping, restaurants and homes for sale in Scripps Ranch, it just may be the most inviting part of any large and bustling city.

When you’re looking for houses to buy in Scripps Ranch you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. The homes here are newer than most areas in San Diego. That means they are equipped with all of the amenities the modern home buyer is looking for. From marble counters to stainless steel appliances to three and four piece bathrooms, you’re going to find it all here.

Plus, there is a pedigree when it comes to buying a home in Scripps Ranch. Once you become part of the elite citizens of San Diego (shh, keep it quiet) that own homes you’ll be joining some San Diego professional sports luminaries like Kellen Winslow, Kellen Winslow Jr., Ladainian Thomlison, Shawn Merriman and Gary PLummer. Ok, basically a bunch of San Diego Chargers, bu for you football fans, how cool is that?


Now just because millionaire athletes live in Scripps Ranch, doesn’t mean that you can’t. On the contrary, there are a slew of single family homes for all types of budgets. These homes are a part of a fabric that creates a close knit society. But of course if you want to feel really close to your neighbors than you’ll love what I have to say next.

Condos for sale in Scripps Ranch are some of the nicest in the entire nation. You’ll not only feel like you’re safe and secure in your condo community, but you’ll also feel cozy and warm. Again, the buildings are generally newer than in most parts of the city and yes, they offer the nicest amenities.

So live the modern “ranch lifestyle” and let be your personal tour guide.

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