When you’re looking at all of the available homes in Solana Beach, it’s hard to imagine that it all started with a fire hose and the hard work and vision of one man. That’s right. When Colonel Ed Fletcher purchased the land for $20 an acre back in 1922 he wasn’t exactly happy with the landscape. Knowing exactly what he wanted the beach to become he armed himself with high powered hydraulic water and set to work on the loose land near the beach. Three months later he had created Fletcher Cove entry and beach.

It may seem impossible to imagine that one man could create something that thousands if not millions of others have enjoyed over the years, but that’s the magic of Solana Beach. Yes, Solana Beach is a very affluent community, but that doesn’t mean there is room to do with it as you please. The tradition in  Solana Beach is a creative one afterall.

If you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Solana Beach you’re sure to find paradise. Solana Beach dream homes are some of the most gorgeous pieces of real estate in the entire country. For the right buyer we can introduce you to the perfect situation that can get you and your family into one of these homes. Start living the resort lifestyle every day of your life with the help of


Of course there are more affordable homes for sale in Solana Beach as well. Houses in Solana Beach don’t have to be right on the water to feel like a luxurious escape. Neighborhoods here are sunny and peaceful. If you’re raising a family you’ll be happyto know that not only will you all be safe, but that the education system is top notch.  The Solana Beach School District is renowned for it’s dedication to it’s students and progressive teaching practices. And you’ll be happy to hear that Solana Beach is part of the San Dieguito Union High School District.

Solana Beach condos for sale and Solana Beach foreclosures are also available. You see it’s easy to make this getaway destination your permanent home. It’s easy to be happy when your dreams come true.

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