Ok Santa Claus jokes aside, real estate in Santee, CA is the real deal. Yes, it’s a great place to purchase a new house, but unlike most towns in San Diego County there is still room for growth. Which means that the city is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to find work. More residential areas is one thing, but new businesses and shopping districts are popping up as well. In fact, Santee, CA has also recently added a recreational complex named Sportsplex USA Santee. People from all over travel to Santee to break a sweat here, giving the town a fair bit of tourist traffic as well.

Bisected by the San Diego River you will also find an active lifestyle. All along the river there are trails for walking, biking, jogging and even hiking. You’ll also find great Santee Homes for sale near the river as well. Santee has a great variety of homes to get you into. From new to vintage homes to turn key renovated to fixer uppers, you’re sure to find whatever it is you’re looking for .


Being a newer community, when it comes to the recent housing boom, there are plenty of single family homes in Santee that feel modern and welcoming. However, that’s not all there is here. Yes, it’s a suburban village with a small town feel, but there are also affordable condos in Santee as well. ┬áIn Santee’s condominium communities the buyer who likes the city feel of closer neighbors will feel right at home.

Of course, like most towns who grew during the boom, Santee also felt the heat from the housing crash. And now that the dust has settled and the economy is slowly starting to improve, it’s time to buy again. Which means that foreclosures in Santee are ripe and ready for the right buyer. When you purchase an ROE you can make a cheap grab at great property and feel like you got a steal.

Real estate in Santee comes with a sense of community and opening the door to your new home in Santee will feel like Christmas morning all over again.

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