Finding homes in Downtown San Diego isn’t hard. Finding the perfect home for an active and social lifestyle in Downtown San Diego is downright easy. Also known as Centre City, Downtown San Diego is just that. It’s the center. Not only is the neighborhood the home of the financial and central business district of the eighth largest city in the US, but it’s also the cultural hub. Nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, museums and theaters all reside in the area and offer it’s nearby residents a never ending stream of entertainment possibilities.

The condos in Downtown San Diego are where singles, young couples and new families might want to start looking. That’s where you’re going to find affordable housing with a sense of community. Seeing as how living in a big city, much less the most metropolitan neighborhood of a big city, can make a person feel removed from society, this style of living can make a person feel grounded. Neighbors generally have a tendency to look out of each other and it’s not abnormal to have fantastic security and a full time doorman.

That doesn’t mean that there are no single family homes in Downtown San Diego. Far from it. Smaller cozy homes are in great abundance for the home buyer who is ready to break away from the herd and set up their own camp. The houses in Downtown San Diego also offer a sense of history of the neighborhood. Most of them were built before the high rises and skyscrapers and mix a sort of Nww England cottage sensibility with a traditionally regional Southwest feel. ¬†And seing as how the majority of them were built before the housing boom, they’re all unique. No cookie cutter homes here.


One of the most amazing things about Downtown San Diego is it’s proximity to the San Diego Seaport and Seaport Village. If you want to get away from it all and let your mind go free, try sitting at any number of the restaurants or cafe’s that line the water. You’ll forget where you are in a matter of moments and might even find it hard to believe that you live in such a big city.

But living in Downtown San Diego, you wont’ want to forget. has what ti takes to introduce you to your new home in this exciting and diverse neighborhood. All you need to do is take the first step toward your new home.

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