Real Estate Problems ImageSure, when you get ready to buy a “used” home, you expect some problems—whether large or small.

However, there are certain problems that should immediately halt the process and cause you to reach out to a professional.

Understanding what these are beforehand will make sure you don’t invest in something that is going to be a money pit.

Heating & Air Problems

In terms of heating and air problems, most of the ductwork and air flow issues can be checked out by a house inspector. Their report will notify you about any major issues, but some of these could end up being more expensive than others.

For example, a cracked heater exchange could cost you quite a bit to repair and/or replace, and if you’re operating on a tight budget—could be a deal killer. The same thing goes for an air conditioner compressor that is no longer working.

Mold Spreads Quickly

Issues with mold can spread rapidly if not taken care of quickly. These hazards also apply to water contamination and lead paint, especially with the current standards for homes with children and pets.

If you discover that asbestos is present, you may need to pay for the full replacement of this product with something safer and more modern. The basement area of the home is particularly susceptible to problems like these and should be monitored carefully.

Chimney Separation in Older Homes

While this next problem may not affect every home, older homes certainly should be checked for it. Chimney separation or settling away from the house could be detrimental to the structure on that side.

For this reason, have the house inspector pay close attention to the chimney and let you know what the current status is. Their report should include this data and how long the necessary repairs should take.

Of course, this is not a complete list of potentially expensive problems for a house purchase, but it will help you start thinking in the right direction.

Make sure you talk to the professionals about real estate problems you’re unfamiliar with, so they can help you work through them thoroughly.

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