Mira Mesa real estate is the largest market within the city limits of San Diego. Starting in Northern San Diego, it spans from the I-15 all the way west to the I-805. So there’s no shortage of affordable single family houses to look at. While it is a modern society there is still a strong sense of history. Which is strange, because the neighborhood happens to be one of the newest in the area.

Built in the 1950’s to house US Air Force personnel, it wasn’t available to the average citizen until the 1960’s. And when urbanization took over and the land was converted from US testing sight to public parks and homes, the city planners were overwhelmed. Simple city planning things like schools, shopping centers and other necessary services were missing from the landscape. Luckily things have changed and Mira Mesa is now just as accommodating as any other modern neighborhood.


The main artery in Mira Mesa is surrounded by single family homes. This makes for incredibly convenient living. And the many Asian ethnicities that make the area home also make for an incredibly varied shopping and eating experience. From Vietnamese to Filipino to Indian restaurants, you’re rarely left without an option for a delicious and interesting meal.

If you want to feel the close knit feeling of a strong community you could choose to look at the many Condos in Mira Mesa. There you’ll get all of the benefits of living in a major metropolitan area, but also feel the quaint togetherness that exists in a small town. has the inside scoop on all of the condos available in Mira Mesa.

Foreclosures in Mira Mesa are some of the nicest bank owned properties in the country. If you’re looking for a way to get into a home you’ll love for a much cheaper price than this is the way you should go. If you want to find more luxurious estates you could always look at nearby Carmel Valley.

Mira Mesa should be the first stop for any buyer looking to purchase a new home in San Diego. And if you’re looking for convenience and affordability it will be last place as well.

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