Palomar Mountain is home to the stars! Not the kind that live in Hollywood and take up the tabloid pages we see at the super market, but the kind that have lived forever in the skies above us. So you see, Palomar Mountain is literally “home to the stars”, because here in Palomar we have the Hale Telescope. That’s right, the telescope you heard about for years growing up resides at the Palomar Observatory.

And that’s not all Palomar has to offer the average San Diego Real Estate buyer. The best way I can describe the homes market on Palomar Moutain is to say, “cabin living”. You see, there is an aesthetic here. A rustic feel, even in brand new homes, that pervades all. And even if that’s not your style you somehow come to accept it here on Palomar Mountain. After all, you are on a mountain. Being in a cabin just feels… right.


Palomar Mountain is in the Peninsular Mountain Regions that stretch nearly the entire length of the State of California all the way down to Mexico’s Baja Mountain range. For years the land was used as campgrounds for vacationers from all over the world. Recent state budget cuts have closed the campground, however, so the area has never been more secluded. If you’re looking for quiet homes in Palomar Mountain you’re sure to be in luck.

And while luxury homes are not in great abundance here on Palomar, has snagged the inside track on a few prospects. Imagine having a Dream Home here on Palomar where the night sky looks like someone made a million pin holes in a black tapestry. Just think how amazing it would feel leaning back and knowing that you share this space with you, your loved ones and an eternity of stars.

It goes without saying that Palomar Mountain is home to the best of the best outdoor activities, but what you can’t help but stress more is the sheer beauty. Which of course is plain to see when you’re on a nature hike, mountain bike ride or leisurely stroll. Palomar Mountain real estate is a treasure. A treasure just waiting to be discovered.

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