Real estate buyers who are interested in a healthy outdoor lifestyle would do themselves a service by visiting Alpine, CA in San Diego County. With back roads to explore, plenty of fishing, camping, hiking and mountain biking to offer, Alpine makes a case for itself as San Diego’s version of Big Bear, the popular Los Angeles getaway.

If you’re curious or even wary about a town that rests in the mountains and is known for it’s rugged territory, then let set your mind at ease. Alpine has more in common with the Swiss Alps than it does the dangerous backwoods of Colorado or Montana. At least that’s what a resident of the area during the 1880’s believed. She compared alpine to her home in Switzerland. Hence the name.

The community may be small, but it’s anything but sleepy. The folks in Alpine are well aware of how to have a good time. Live music, arts and other forms of entertainment are a staple here. As a matter of fact, the annual festival Vintage Alpine, held at the scenic Summers Past Farms, is the perfect place to enjoy tastes, sights and sounds of everything Alpine. There, over 400 visitors yearly come to partake in wine, food from all over the County and live tunes.

For those of you looking to find your Dream Home that’s tucked away from it all, well Alpine has that too. Luxury homes in Alpine aren’t in abundance, but they are secluded. You can find some amazing properties near lakes and mountains that come with privacy, peace and quiet.


Of course, if you’re more of a social butterfly you can always look in town at single family homes nearer to schools and shopping. Once you’re there you may as well take a peek at some of the Condos in Alpine as well. All of which are not far from the main artery into town, Alpine Blvd. There you, your family and even your rowdier friends can definitely find plenty of ways to pass your time.

In Alpine it’s easy to feel like you’ve found your own slice of heaven. It’s so far removed from the busy city streets that it’s hard to imagine it’s only 3o miles from San diego. Thankfully you don’t have to imagine it, though. With Alpine homes can become a reality right before your eyes.

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