Neighborhood Statistics ImageAs you drive through neighborhoods in a city like San Diego, one of the first things you’ll notice is the curb appeal of the various homes.

This is what tells you about the general upkeep of the houses and whether or not people in the community care about it. If they don’t, it can lead to a very trashy appearance and an uncomfortable feeling for potential homebuyers driving through.

However, if they do make an effort or the local homeowners association has regulations in place, it should improve the curb appeal of every house and the neighborhood overall.

Local Crime Statistics

In terms of crime statistics, each neighborhood will have their own rate of occurrences. If you can see that graffiti and other well-known signs of gang activity are taking over, this is not a great area to settle down in.

However, if you can see a good law enforcement presence and see offices and commercial buildings that are monitored, this is a sign people watch out for each other. The same applies for neighborhood watch groups in residential areas.

Communities like this are wary of strangers and not afraid to check people out before they let them just wander around. If you buy a home in an area like this, it’s an additional level of protection to count on.

Local Employment Rates

The employment rate of various neighborhoods is also important. When the surrounding town is doing well and everyone has a secure level of income, the crime rate automatically goes down.

However, if it’s hard to find a job in a portion of San Diego, for example, this could spell economic trouble in more than one way. It’s important that you’re able to settle down into a community and know for a fact that you can afford the mortgage. If your job is shaky and unstable, you won’t have this knowledge to back you up.

Reasons to Check out Neighborhoods

By reviewing the neighborhoods of a town like San Diego before you buy, you’ll have a clearer overall picture of the entire city.

It gives you personal and visual evidence of how things are faring and whether your family would do well there. Make sure you follow through with this step so you can feel better about whatever home you buy.

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