La Mesa means “The Table” in Spanish. Ok, you got me. It’s not the most creative title, but truthfully the sentiment rings true. Once you’ve seen what the La Mesa real estate market has to offer, I’m positive you’ll be “all in”.

Located 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean, La Mesa is generally warmer than San Diego. So if you’re looking for a dry arid climate, without the chilly beachside winter temperatures, La Mesa could be your ideal place to purchase a new house. ┬áIt rarely gets colder than 66 degrees and when the thermometer does rise during the summer months, keep in mind that it’s a “dry heat”.

Now, if weather were the only selling point of this quiet little town of over fifty thousand residents, I’d stop right here. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even waste my time with La Mesa. But that’s simply not the case. La Mesa is a little oasis in the middle of the desert. Just when you think you’re in a quiet “Ho-hum” little town, La Mesa has a way of surprising you.


For instance, once the fall rolls around La Mesa opens it’s street to over 200,000 of it’s neighbors for the annual Oktoberfest. During the summer thousands of car enthusiasts flock to La Mesa for the “Back to the Fifties Car Show”. Every friday surrounding farms sell their wares at the weekly Famrer’s Market. And La Mesa is the hometown for some of the most interesting and influential California residents of all time. Do the names NBA great Bill Walton, Academy Award Winner Dennis Hopper and San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith ring a bell? They do in La Mesa. All three are former residents.

When it comes to San Diego County La Mesa is one of those hidden little gems. Like Bonsall, La Mesa has all of the modern luxuries that come with living in a larger city. But it’s lacking in all of the modern problems. When you let help you into your new La Mesa home your saying goodbye to things like traffic, street noise and the rat race. Wouldn’t you rather say hello to peace and quiet, privacy and a little slice of heaven to call all your own? Then why not say hello to La Mesa and leave it ALL on the table?

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