Few neighborhoods in San Diego can be said to “have it all”. North Park,  however, can not only claim to have it all, but have “it” in abundance. As far  as San Diego real estate goes you’ll be hard pressed to find a more  entertaining, culturally significant and, yes, quiet place to buy a house.

North Park is nearly as old as San Diego itself. Originally intended to be  orange groves (what neighborhood wasn’t in Southern California?) it became  readily apparent by the turn of the century that it was better suited for  residential development. Once the houses went up and San Diego grew all around them, it didn’t take long for people to consider North Park the center of it all.

If you’re looking for a single family house that’s accessible to everything a metropolitan lifestyle has to offer, North Park homes need to be on the top of your wish list. Why? Well 30th St. of course. There you’ll find a plethora of businesses who cater to every sort of clientele. From coffee shops, to boutiques, to fine dining restaurants, nobody is left out in North Park. There’s even a number of bars and clubs for you late night revelers to enjoy.

And that’s not all. The homes are gorgeous. How gorgeous? Well, there happens to be a federally protected strip of houses in North Park called “The Dryden Historic District”. That’s how gorgeous. Named after designer and builder David Owens Dryden, this stretch of unique San Diego homes features some of the most interesting bungalows ever built in California, or in any place for that matter.

Of course that’s not all there is. North Park has a tendency to attract a younger crowd. Which means you’ll find some of the best San Diego condominiums in the entire city. Here you’ll feel a real sense of community and have all the benefits of the secure condo lifestyle.

If you have an artistic streak you’ll enjoy the Ray Street Arts District. Here the cities best independent art galleries participate in “Ray At Night”, an art walk that’s held monthly on every second Saturday. And if Theater is your thing, look no further than the Birch North Park Theater, home of Lyric Opera San Diego.

Now if this is a lot for you take in, don’t say I didn’t worry you. After all, I did start out by saying North Park had it all. For the inside track on purchasing homes in this fantastic neighborhood look no further than

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