Real Estate in Del Mar is known to be pricey. It’s also known for other things as well. In fact,┬áThe Beach Boys once said “You’d catch ’em surfin’ at Del Mar.” And that’s true. There’s no denying the strong beach and surf culture of the affluent San Diego neighborhood. However, if you were to ask the residents they might change the lyrics to “You’d catch ’em bettin’ at Del Mar.” The Del Mar Racetracks, that is.

Del Mar has a proud tradition of Horse Racing that goes back to 1937. In fact, the day the Race Track first opened Bing Crosby, legendary crooner and actor, was greeting people as they walked through it’s gates. That would be the equivalent of Justin Bieber showing up to the opening of a Pinkberry today. Just try to wrap your head around that one. So to say that the legendary betting facility is a point of pride for the locals is an enormous understatement.┬áThat doesn’t mean however, that the choicest pieces of property reside within walking distance of The Del Mar Fairgrounds. No, far from it, in fact.

Unlike La Jolla, Del Mar’s neighbor to the South, you’ll be hard pressed to find foreclosure properties here. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything but gorgeous views, attractive people and an ideal climate. But it’s not hard to imagine people wanting to stay in Del Mar once you learn that the weather is described as “sub-tropical”. It rarely gets above 85 degrees and almost never falls below 60.

And as rare as cheap property may be in Del Mar, there is something far more rare and far less in abundance. Del Mar is home to the Torrey Pine, the rarest pine in the United States. In fact, it’s an endangered species of pine that only grows naturally in two places and the Soledad Valley in Southern Del Mar is one of them. So if you’re thinking of carving a place out for yourself in Del Mar, be sure not to do it in the trunk of one of these federally protected trees.


Now, don’t let the exclusivity of this neighborhood scare you off. knows exactly what it takes to find you the ideal home for the ideal price. You could say that in the Real Estate race, we always win by a nose.

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