Sure, you know all about listing your house for sale and checking comparable real estate prices and other San Diego homes for sale, but there are a few minor improvements that can help to win over potential buyers when they come to check out the place firsthand. Staging your home right is an important factor in selling it, so pay attention to the details and consider the following tips:

  1. Put away family portraits and personal items. You want the potential buyers picturing their families in the house, not yours.
  2. Bake some cinnamon rolls. Or at least make sure your home smells “homey” and not like disinfectant or fried onions. Often we become immune to the way our house smells, so make sure to ask a trusted friend for their opinion as well.
  3. Get rid of clutter. Knick-knacks on shelves and stacks of papers on counters are distracting and off-putting. You may be used to them, but your potential buyers are not. Go for a minimalist look.
  4. Paint the front door. An old trick, but a good one, as first impressions count and people will judge your home by the entrance.
  5. Organize closets and clean out cabinets. Potential buyers WILL snoop, and you don’t want them running into spilled syrup or bug droppings.
  6. Store furniture. To make your rooms appear bigger, put a few extraneous items into storage in a rented unit or friend’s garage.
  7. Put the shine on. Spray window cleaner on faucets, plumbing, mirrors and of course windows to give them an added sparkle.
  8. Remove any parts of the house you are going to keep. Hanging on to that piece of stained glass in the dining room? Remove it before any potential buyers see it and fall in love- it could be a deal-breaker later on.
  9. Buy full-spectrum, “natural” light bulbs. Replace any old fluorescent bulbs, which can give your home a ghoulish appearance.
  10. Put out fresh yellow flowers. Whether on your front stop or the kitchen table, everyone likes flowers- and yellow invokes a buying emotion.

I must admit, the above are just tips to get you closer to getting an offer. Many of the home buyer on open offer are negotiating for the best prices and will compare your house to other in your neighborhood but with the tips above, you might distinguish your home from others.

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