Choosing a Home Size ImageHomes come in a variety of sizes and choosing one might be difficult. The first thing you need to look at is your family size. Obviously, everyone needs enough room to spread out and be comfortable.

However, if you don’t have a family yet, are you planning for one in the near future? It would be financially difficult to invest in one home just to move a couple of years later. You also need to consider the typical time it takes for a home to sell in that area. So how do you make these decisions?

Start Out Small & Save Money

Keep in mind that starting out small is okay. Kids don’t really take up too much room until they’re older. If you’re currently childless, you’ll have plenty of time to settle down and get into a routine. Once you begin the family planning process, you and your spouse can discuss what is most important to you about a larger house.

It might be a bigger yard for the kids to play, location in regards to nearby schools or nearness to family. All of these can wait to be addressed though. In the meantime, by starting out small, you’ll save money while building up a positive credit history.

Planning for an Empty Nest

Families who have teenagers should consider the possibility of an empty nest. If you’ve waited until now to purchase a home, or another home, then you want to plan space accordingly. Is your child going to college in a couple years? Then, perhaps getting a small two or three-bedroom home would be sufficient until then. It also eliminates the need to move again after the children leave because the space is still just right for two.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

Sharing a home with your parents when they’re older is another consideration. Are you going to be their caretakers? If so, then you’ll need room for wheelchairs, beds and whatever equipment will be required. By planning for this now, you can avoid some remodeling costs later on.

While choosing a home can be fun, it should also be done with future space needs in mind. Then, you can settle in and know it’s going to be a permanent location for your family. If you consider the above during your home search, then you’ll be happier with your decision both now and in the future.

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