Final Walk Through Image Going through the final walk-through of a home is one of the final steps before the sale is final.

Using a Checklist

This is your chance to make a checklist and look at every portion to ensure that necessary repairs were made.

If there is something missing, then you can talk to the current homeowner about its correction. However, if it’s missed at this point, the cost may fall on you to have completed.

Obtaining an Updated Checklist from Professionals

This is why many people will either obtain a checklist from a real estate agent or print one from the Internet. Even the home buyer with very little experience will feel confident using this piece of paper.

These documents take you through each room of the home and let you know what to ask and what to look at. Pictures are also helpful so you have visual documentation of the property’s condition before you move in. Without this, it might be hard to prove the work that was done later on.

Using a Home Inspector’s Report

Remember that you can also incorporate the report of a licensed home inspector. Once they have given you this information, have them follow up as required. They can also educate you about your rights in case the homeowner did not pay for repairs as obligated by law.

If you negotiate a lower price on the house because you agree to pay for certain repairs, then this should be written into the contract. These portions of the home will be noted on the inspection report and the walk through checklist as well.

Financing Home Repairs

However, you may be able to get different forms of financing after the sale is complete to pay for them, such as a home equity loan. Even though you’ll be charged interest, you’ll be increasing the value of the property at the same time.

The same thing goes for regular maintenance and prevention of any problems with the home. The final walk-through should be the beginning of regular repairs so your home stays in great shape.

If you do decide to sell the home later on, you’ll have documented evidence to show everything you worked on, changed or replaced during your time living there.

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