9278Traveling with your pet by carMoving a long-distance by car can often be very difficult. If you have children and pets, it can often seem almost impossible when you are trying to move. There are a few tips for when you are planning on moving to your new house with your pet.

It’s a good idea to do practice runs before you move with your pets by car. Take them on short car trips. Many pets associate trips in the car with visits to the vet and have a tendency to be panicky. But if you take them on small trips by car and get them used to good behavior in a vehicle, it can make a longer move by car much easier.

You should also test different ways for your pet to travel in the car. Some pets need to be placed in a carrier, while other pets will behave better if they are allowed to rest on someone’s lap. If you plan on letting your pet travel in the car without being in the carrier, make sure to give them time to explore the vehicle and decide where they are comfortable being. If they wander around while you are driving, it can be dangerous because they may end up blocking your view of the road. You want to make sure that they are comfortable staying in one spot.

It’s important to talk to your vet before you move with your pet and make sure that your animal has all their shots and is healthy enough to travel to your new home. If your pet is extremely anxious, you may want to talk to your pet about sedatives so that your pet can sleep through the move.

Before moving to your new home, consider planning your route in advance. This way, you can plan where you will stay if you need to stay overnight in hotels and book a room at a pet-friendly hotel. Make sure that when you travel with your pet to your new home, you have all of the supplies your pet will need for the trip. Food, water, favorite blankets and toys can all help make your pet more comfortable as they travel with you in the car to your new house.

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