clean houseThere are a number of reasons you may want to deep clean your home. If you are planning on selling your home or hosting an open house, your home will need to be immaculately clean. Perhaps you have recently bought a new home and you want to make sure it’s clean to your standards. Or, you just might feel like it’s time to tidy up. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of tips for making deep cleaning your home easier and more effective.

When you deep clean your home, you want to remove all of the things that you have accumulated and scrub everything from top to bottom until it is free of dust and dirt. Even if you are very tidy, your home can get dusty over time. It’s just what happens.

To deep clean effectively from room to room, you should put all of your cleaning supplies in a bucket or tote to keep them well organized when you move around. This way, you can take all of your cleaning supplies with you and they stay together.

It’s more efficient to work your way down when cleaning a room. I like to start at the back of the home, and work my way to the front, top to bottom when cleaning.

It’s a good idea to make sure you clean your home regularly. It’s a lot easier to tackle fresh dirt than dirt that has had the chance to become caked on.

Before you start cleaning, make sure things are relatively organized. It will make it a lot easier to start scrubbing. It’s a good idea to regularly go through closets and cupboards to check for items that you no longer use, need or that are broken. This way, you can donate those items to free up space. A home that is clutter-free always looks significantly cleaner than a home that has a ton of stuff spilling out of closets.

When you’re cleaning floors, including wood or linoleum, make sure to vacuum or sweep, as well as mop, to make sure the floor is as clean as it can possibly be. For carpets, you can sprinkle baking soda and leave for an hour before vacuuming. It can get rid of any odors.

Lastly, make sure you clean both inside and outside of any cabinets or cupboard spaces. But, more importantly, don’t forget to recruit your family to help you clean!

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