Installing Vinyl Siding ImageYou’ve just purchased your first home and you’re ready to start the process of moving in. It probably needs some work and maybe even a paint job on the outside.

But what would happen if you skipped the paint job and installed vinyl siding instead?

Not only would your investment dollars go a long way, but you would have far less maintenance throughout the next decade or so.

Durability of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is manufactured to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It comes in different thicknesses so you can choose any model from the very economical, thin plastic sheets or you can choose the higher end cedar shingle models. Of course, the thicker sheets are going to last the longest, but they do cost the most as well. This decision will be based on your current project budget as well.

Availability of Colors

One of the great features of vinyl siding is that you don’t paint it. It already comes in your chosen shade and that can be very convenient. These companies specialize in matching shades as well, so if you have a sample to show them, it may be helpful. It’s also manufactured to hold its color for several years, so you shouldn’t see a quick fade as might occur with paint.

Watch Out for Direct Heat

The one area you do need to be cautious is with outdoor fire pits and barbecues. These need to be placed a good distance away from the side of your home, or your vinyl siding may melt after consistent exposure. It’s built to withstand the sun, but direct heat like that could do some serious damage.

Easy Repairs and Patches

If you ever do need to patch a section of the vinyl siding, it’s very easy to purchase an entire kit. This lets you patch the area and make sure nothing underneath is exposed. The process is also fairly simple as well, so it doesn’t necessarily require the hiring of a contractor.

With benefits like these, it’s very easy to choose vinyl siding over paint. Not only are your maintenance demands lower, but repairs are cheaper as well. Shop around to get the best prices from your vinyl siding distributor and update the look of your home today!

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