Investment homeEveryone knows that real estate speculation is a great way to get into the investment game. With the right combination of properties you can secure your own financial future. With foreclosure rates skyrocketing, bank repossession at an all-time high and housing prices lower than they’ve been in three decades, the time has never been more ripe for real estate investment. It’s a great time to round out your portfolio with some properties. Consider these top seven investment strategies and become a housing mogul today!

1) Buy a distressed property for cash and find a great deal. Then turn around and flip that property for easy terms guaranteeing a high rate of interest and quick return.

2) Rent-to-own schemes allow you live in a rental property, only instead of frittering away your rental payments every month a percentage will go towards your ownership stake in the property.

3) Spit shine and manual labor can help you turn a bargain bin fixer-upper into a top shelf investment. You just need to be handy and have a good eye for potential.

4) Subdivisions allow you turn one large chunk of undeveloped land into several properties that can be placed on the market. If you have enough capital available you can even develop those subdivisions in accordance with local zoning laws and make a killing.

5) Pure speculation can work if you have a keen financial sense. Buy low and sell high just like any other security.

6) Turn your own home into a nest egg. In this down economy there are great deals. You don’t have to buy a property for pure investment. Find a foreclosure in an area you like and settle in. Then, when the time is right and the economy comes back around you can sell it right out from under yourself.

7) Become a landlord. Rent out your investment property to tenants and use their monthly payments to help offset your mortgage and property taxes. You may even turn a profit while still maintaining ownership of your home.

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