Multi-Family Building ImageSo you’ve watched the real estate market tank along with the rest of the world economy over the last few years. Perhaps your 401(k) or pension plan went along with it. The bubble burst hard in 2007 and 2008. Real estate prices went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a matter of months. Investors and homeowners lost everything and foreclosure rates skyrocketed in almost every sector of the market. Even wealthy individuals felt the burn. The number of million dollar properties in foreclosure increased by 600% from its all-time low in the late 90s. Everyone has suffered in one way or another because of the sub-prime lending crisis. Economic hardship spares no man or woman. Given this reality, it’s no wonder many Americans are a little reticent about dipping their toes back into the real estate investment market.

Some people are gun shy on home buying in general. Others are just waiting for prices to hit rock bottom. The truth of the matter is: there has never been a better time to invest in real estate. If you got battered by this last recession, you may have even more reason to put your money into housing. Consider these top three reasons for getting into the real estate market now.

The market has probably bottomed out

And even if it hasn’t, prices are still sitting at all time lows. You don’t want to get caught waiting on a better deal only to see the housing market rebound, leaving you in the dust. The jobs report for February was much stronger than anticipated. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been closing at its highest rates since before the 2008 crash. All economic indicators are pointing up. True, housing was the hardest hit sector of the economy and will most likely be the last to fully recover, but last doesn’t mean forever. Don’t miss the bus on this attractive investment climate.

A house can be your nest egg

If you lost your retirement plan in the crash, consider a real estate investment as part of your nest egg. A few smart home purchases can secure you and your family’s economic future.

A house is an investment you can live in

Try making a bed in a bunch of stocks and bonds. You may have to wait a while for your property to appreciate to the level you want, but while you’re waiting you can actually live in your investment.

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