palm-trees-and-pool-houseIn the summertime, there is nothing more fun than a backyard barbecue with a pool party. This is especially the case when you live in sunny, Southern California. Pool parties, swimming and lounging around a pool are a part of the culture. But can a pool add value to your home?

The short answer is, “Yes, it can. No, it can’t.”

The long answer is that it can, with a few caveats. Whether or not a pool adds value to your home can vary. It really depends on the buyer. If your buyer is specifically looking for a more luxurious home with anemeties like a pool, having a pool, especially an elegant or well-designed in-ground pool, can really add a signficant amount of value to the home.

In some neighborhoods, buyers may not even consider having a pool to be a luxury, but something that is expected, and won’t consider paying more for a home with a pool.

Sometimes a pool can actually be a detriment to your home. If potential buyers have young children, or are concerned about the safety factor of a pool in the backyard, that pool might actually turn them away from your property. They might want to see the pool fenced off in order to prevent a tragic accident from occurring.

It’s also important to consider that owning a pool is a financial commitment. You have to pay to maintain the pool, and there are also the added costs to utilities, power and water when you have a pool in the home. Some potential home owners may not want that extra financial commitment in their home and might again, find the home with a pool to be more trouble than it is worth.

Whether or not an in-ground pool adds value to a home will vary on what the potential buyer who is looking at your home wants. It also will depend on how well designed your pool actually is, and what features set it apart from an average in-ground pool. If your pool is significantly more attractive, and has safety features like a fence, it may be more appealing and more valuable than a typical in-ground pool.

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