Installing Solar Panels

Everyone gets tired of paying high electric bills, but it seems like you don’t really have a choice. If you want to cook, do laundry or read with the lights on, you’re subject to whatever fees they demand—or you used to be.

Now, you have the option to use solar power instead and actually get a rebate on your taxes for doing so! How much money would you save if your house electric bill went from about $200 to about $50 each month?

Up-Front Costs and Homeowner Tax Rebates

Granted, there are some up-front costs to purchasing and installing the solar panels. However, not only will you make this back in lower utility bills each month, but you are going to claim this purchase on your taxes. The federal government has rebates in place specifically for homeowners who install solar panels. That’s because you are creating less of a demand on the local city and they may in fact benefit from your power reserves.

To show their appreciation for this, you’ll be put into a different price bracket. This will automatically bring down some of those new-house bills that are present. An additional benefit is that you’ll have power when the electric company goes down for a while. If someone hits a power pole on your street and knocks out the electricity, you’ll still be able to cook dinner for your family and have the lights on.

Professional Installation Help

Because these are very sensitive pieces of equipment, you do need to get the advice of a contractor. Unless you have previous experience working with them, it’s best to get a professional to help you choose and install the right sizes. They know how they should be attached to the roof, what angle they need to be facing and all the important details of wiring them in.

Make sure you talk to them about the batteries to see how long the power should last without backup. This will give you the emergency information you need and help you conserve as necessary. Once you’ve made this investment, it will continue to pay you back for several years. After you’ve moved into your new home, make sure you get the best of both worlds and use solar panels instead of relying on electric providers alone.

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