If you are planning on moving to a new home in the same city, you may have decided against hiring a moving company. You might choose to hire a truck and move into the new home that you purchased on your own.

Of course, it is very rare that people move into a new home completely alone. Most people, when in the process of moving into a new home that they have rented or purchased, will typically ask the assistance of friends or family in the moving process. If you have ever owned a flat-bed truck, you have been asked to assist in a move.

If you are planning on asking family or friends for assistance in a move, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

If you are looking for moving boxes, it is often okay to ask friends or family if they have any moving boxes if they have recently moved. Many people are actually often glad to be rid of moving boxes, and yet don’t want to throw them out as that is considered wasteful. So you might be doing them a favor by taking moving boxes off their hands.

If you are asking them to assist in the moving day, whether by helping load or unload boxes, move boxes, wait at either the old home or new home, or watch your children, you should compensate them for their assistance.

Most friends and family will not want money, after all, they are helping you because they are your friends and family. But it is still a good idea to over some sort of compensation to the people who are helping you move. It is a nice thing to offer a small gift or a gift card, however, to say thank you for them taking the time out of their day to help you during the moving process.

If they are assisting you in moving, it is also to be expected that you provide them with a meal. Most people are willing to help move if you provide pizza and soda for them. You should also be willing to assist them whenever they buy a new home and change residences, as well.

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