Staging the House for Sale ImageAfter walking into a completely empty house and then a decorated, lived-in location, you already know the difference that staging can make.

The difference is that you’re able to see yourself living there right away versus trying to visualize how the space might work.

In an empty room, you have a lot of room for creativity, but it can also feel cold and, well, empty. That makes it harder to sell the property and increases the time involved as well.

You may believe that staging has to be done by a professional, but that’s not true. It just takes an objective eye and making sure you’re not really making a direct statement with your decorations.

Choose Neutral Colors and Decorations

When the potential homebuyers walk in, they should see neutral colors and decorations that inspire them to buy. It makes it more attractive to a wider range of real estate investor, rather than someone who likes the same things you do.

Everyone has their own twist they like to put on things and you want to give them that mental opportunity while they walk through the rooms.

Use Appropriately-Sized Furniture

As far as furniture goes, keep the walkways and rooms open and clear. Try to avoid using large pieces that block major portions of the wall. The right size of furniture fits into a room without taking it over. If you use these larger pieces, you tend to lose a lot of space, both physically and visually. Even if you have to put your large pieces in a friend’s garage for the time being, it’s worth the time it takes to move it. Help the buyers see the interior of the house and all its potential.

Hire a Real Estate Staging Professional

Of course, you are certainly going to benefit if you do bring in a staging professional. They already know what buyers want to see and will be able to identify which of your belongings should stay or go. In terms of rearranging furniture, they identify the best way to make use of the space and look great at the same time. The fee you pay for their services is well worth it when you start to see those purchase offers come in faster.

Don’t leave out this part of the selling process as it makes a bigger difference than you realize. It can mean the difference of having your house on the market for a couple of months or an entire year. This is a great tool to sell your property in a hurry and doesn’t require a large ¬†financial investment. Use it on your next sale and watch for better results than you’ve ever had.

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