Moving Into New Home ImageIf your family is preparing for a move, you may notice your children can seem a little bit anxious at the prospect. It can be traumatic for a child when their family moves, especially if a child must change schools and make new friends. But if you talk with your child, you can help them deal with the anxiety.

Talk With Your Child About the Move

The most important thing you can do is discuss the move with your child and be open about the process. Give them as much information as possible and answer any of their questions as completely and as honestly as you can. Remember, even if the move is going to be beneficial for your family, your child may not understand that yet and can still be afraid of the change.

Involve Your Child in the Planning Process

Try to involve your child in the planning process, house hunt and in visiting new schools. This helps them feel like the change is a good thing and is not something that is being forced on them.

Learn About Your New Community Together

If you are moving far away or from out of state, it can actually be a fun activity to learn about your new hometown with your child. Print out some information or give them a travel book that can help them get excited about the new community they are moving into.

This is often excellent as a family activity, as children can enjoy planning out some new recreation that they may be able to try that they were unable to try before. Activities can include something as simple visiting a beach if you come from a land-locked community.

Organize the Child’s Room First

After your family has moved into a new home, the first room that you should focus on organizing is your child’s room. You also want to try to follow a regular schedule for meals so that the disruption is minimized and the child can maintain a sense of familiarity and continuity.

It is a good idea to meet your child’s teachers if possible. Most students adjust to a new school after about a month, but some children are faster or slower at the adjustment process.

Moving can be a challenge but if you are honest and patient with your child, they can enjoy the process as well.

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