The Crown Jewel of Crown City

Coronado is one of the finest beaches in America, topping surveys and polls year after year. In fact, just this year, Coronado Beach was named the best beach in the United States in the 2012 survey by “Dr. Beach” professor Stephen P. Leatherman of Florida International University. A wide, clean and family-friendly beach and a picturesque community known as “The Village” are part of what makes Coronado so special.

The community of Coronado has turn-of-the-century mansions with glorious views of the Pacific Ocean, numerous yacht clubs and impeccably-maintained parks. The resort village of Coronado is located on a peninsula, approximately five miles away from downtown San Diego, and is connected to the mainland by a ten-mile isthmus called The Silver Strand.

The beach is essentially one continuous beach from Coronado to the Mexican border, divided into three distinct zones. The three zones are North Beach, Central Beach and the Shores.

North Beach is the area between Sunset Park and the North Naval Base, with a south-facing coastline. Within this zone, you can find great surfing, as well as firepits and dog beaches.

Central Beach is the area between Ocean Boulevard and the south end of the historic Hotel Del Coronado. A beautiful beachfront luxury hotel, the Hotel Del Coronado is one of the oldest and largest all-wood buildings in the United States. Built in 1888, it is now a National Historic Landmark, and has housed numerous presidents and visiting royals.

The Shores is the area south of the Hotel Del Coronado to Silver Strand. Parking is scarce here, but there are plenty of public access ways to the beach between the towering condominiums that line the shore.

Coronado is a wonderful community for recreation, and if you love surfing, swimming, playing tennis or golfing, you will feel at home in the Crown City. There are also several miles of bike paths along the ocean shoreline.

Over two million visitors come to Coronado annually to enjoy the beaches and resort hotels. The fourteen-square-mile village also boasts year round residents who enjoy an excellent quality of life and a thriving business community in the quaint island community.

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