More and more women are living alone well into their twenties and thirties, often making the commitment to purchase a condo or town home. While your grandmother may have advised against this, you know that you want your home to be a comfortable place that you love, so you should feel free to invest in the home that you have.

Feel free to cater to your tastes. If you want something soft and feminine, go ahead and decorate your home that way. If you prefer something more sleek and modern, go ahead and do that. It’s your home and your space. If you have made the commitment to purchase a condo or home, you can please yourself with the decorations. You want to create a space where you feel comfortable.

Think about function. How will your space be used? If you want to invite your friends over for a girl’s night, or host dinner parties, consider things like seating. You want to make sure you’re decorating the home you have, for how you plan on living in it.

Go ahead and invest in some furniture. You may hesitate at investing in furniture but it is silly to fill your brand-new home with hand-me-down items you don’t love. If you have some treasured things from your family that you do want to reuse, that’s great! But nothing should prevent you from making sure you have a comfortable bed and mattress.

Pick a room to be your showcase. Sometimes it’s easier to choose one room to really emphasize and invest in. If you’re a phenomenal cook and love making food for friends and families, invest in your kitchen. Purchase the best cookware and kitchen equipment that you know you will use. If you need a luxurious retreat, maybe consider investing in your bedroom or bathroom, and fill them with comfortable rugs, attractive prints for the walls and scented candles. You don’t need to go overboard with spending, just find the things that will bring you happiness and suit your style.

If you’ve made the commitment to own your own home or condo, you should feel free to make sure that your living space is pleasant to you.

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