San Diego real estate

San Diego real estate

If you’re looking into buying a house in San Diego, then you know that a home inspection is necessary.

What can a professional home inspection offer you?

Why can’t you walk through a house and check things out on your own?

There is much more to a real estate inspection than simply checking for cracks in the walls or asking how long it’s been since paint has been applied.

This report gives you far more detailed information on everything from both the exterior and interior of the home, as well as information on how to correct those problems. It’s an essential part of the documentation for the house purchase.

Exterior of the House

On the outside of the house, the professional inspectors are going to check the structure, including the foundation. Here they will check for cracks and other signs of subsidence on the property. This is important to identify right away because it could end up in thousands of dollars of damage later on.

The inspectors will also check the roof to see if any leaks are present and what kind of general shape the roof is in. If it has been replaced recently, this may not be a problem. However, you should know the current condition of the roof first before you sign any paperwork.

These experienced professionals are also going to check the plumbing including exposed pipes and the sewage system. Problems here can quickly find their way into the home, so you want this to be a thorough inspection of the exterior. If there are problems, you may be able to have the seller correct them before the contracts are signed.

Of course, their inspection will include the heating and air conditioning units to see how they are operating and if there are any problems. Usually, with regular maintenance, severe problems can be avoided but that is something to keep in mind for later on. Have the professional inspector look things over so you understand what you’re making an offer on.

Interior of the House

For the inside of the house, the inspectors are checking electrical wiring and outlets. Problems can occur if the wiring is old and has been neglected. In these cases, fires can start within the walls and spread throughout the home before you’re aware of it. However, if problems are identified immediately, these can be corrected without any further danger to your family.

Ventilation is important as well to make sure you’re not re-breathing anything toxic. If there are clogs in the system, then you may need to have a professional heating and air conditioning company come out and get rid of them. If the seller is willing to pay for this, you’ll save some money out of your pocket. Either way, everyone should be aware of the presence of these situations.

Kitchen appliances will also be inspected to make sure no problems exist in terms of electricity or gas. It’s very dangerous if they are leaking gas into the air or are creating electric hazards. That’s why you should find out right now if they need replaced or not.

Once you have a full report on everything that is and is not wrong with the house, you can make a more educated purchase choice. It also gives the seller some assurances so they understand what they are facing with a potential property sale.

By educating yourself and hiring a professional home inspector, everyone can be on the same page.

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