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Negotiate before you buy or sell
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As of 10/19/2017
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Offer Stats

Real Estate Type Today Y-Day
Dream Estates 2 2
Condos 28 39
Homes 61 68
Lot / Land 1 3
2-4 Units 3 4
As of 10/19/17 6:21 pm PDT

Property Types

Real Estate Type Count
Foreclosures (5)
Short Sales (33)
Dream Estates (800)
Homes (3796)
Condos (1739)
2-4 Units (241)
Lot / Land (1391)

Real Estate News

Veronika Kotla
Selling a Condo in Downtown San Diego Just Got Easier

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Selling a downtown San Diego condo has never been that hard to tell you the truth. San Diego is, after [...]

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Chula Vista Short Sales are a Screaming Deal

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Short sales in Chula Vista are a great buy. Now more than ever these homes are ready to pluck by [...]

Carly Fiske
Your Prescription for Selling Your Scripps Ranch Home

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If you’re selling a Scripps Ranch house in the current market there are a few things you need to be [...]

Nitara Deratany
Why Banks Foreclose On Homes?

by Nitara Deratany

If you’re a first time home buyer, you may not understand why banks  foreclose on homes. While the term might [...]

David Cohen
Buying a Dream House in Fallbrook

by David Cohen

Fallbrook is off the radar. That’s why you don’t hear too much about it. Imagine that. However, buying a house [...]